Pier Lim released TF8 Synthesizer for iPhone

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Pier Lim, the developer of the great FM Synth TF7 released today a new iPhone Synthesizer. TF8 Synth is a professional virtual analog Synthesizer that melds superior synthesis algorithms with iOS technologies. It is build with usability in mind, for live playing and for recording. I’m pretty sure that this app is also great because the developer demonstrated with TF7 what he is capable to design and develop. This app is free of charge but it contains an Pro version In-App-Purchase which currently available for only 2.99$/€ until March 31st 2017.

Features (with Purchase of the Pro Pack) 
2 Main Oscillators (Saw, Square, Sine, Triangle and the coveted Roland-inspired Supersaw) 

2 Sub Oscillators for each oscillator to give that added extra oomph 

State of the art pure sounding filters, which can be used in series or parallel
2 LFOs for modulating almost any parameter in the synth

1 ADSR Envelope for the synth output

1 ADSR Envelope for controlling the filter Cutoff Freq.

10 Powerful effects comprising of Compressor, Distortion, Stereo Delay, Stereo Reverb, Reverse Delay, Stereo Chorus, Stereo Quad-Phase Phaser, Tube Distortion and Equalizer and Unsion.

  • Arpeggiator, time-step, velocity, gate with plenty of fun arpeggio patterns.
  • AudioBus and Inter-app Audio for inter-app operability.
  • Ableton Link can be used to sync arpeggiator and bpm-syncable effects.
  • Midi controllers supported. 
  • Knobs are controllable via midi cc.
  • Midi Out – use TF8 Synth as a midi controller!

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