BEHRINGER News – Up to 20 new products (Synths, Drum Machines & more)

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Not a week without a news from the Behringer front. Uli Behringer announced today at their official Behringer Facebook page that they have currently 4 Synthesizer development teams working simultaneously on 20 new Synthesizers, drum machines etc.. He wrote that they will create in future both innovative new Synths as well as reviving classics. 

For me personal, this announcement sounds like a big attack to the big players in the Synth industry (Dave Smith, KORG, Yamaha, Roland…). After the announcement that they will build again the legendary chips and now with this news, the future will be interesting how the complete market will react to this Behringer attack. What we can already read in this statement is that several new synths and drum machines will coming but maybe also a sampler because he wrote “etc..” A sampler is also one of these instrument which electronic musicians use in their setup and when Behringer will release an easy-to-use and to understand sampler to market, this could be more interesting than all these affordable clones. 

Also an interesting statements comes from the gearslutz community where Uli Behringer wrote this statement: “We had a similar idea and thought of taking the 4 FX Engines from the DeepMind 12 and put them in a separate box. These are high quality TC and Klark Teknik effects”. This sounds like an upcoming new multiple effect box with a lot of features.
Here is the statement from the official Behringer page: 

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