Accusonus released ERA-R – Single-knob dereverberation plugin + Single-Knob Bundle

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Accusonus announced the official release of ERA-R, a single-knob dereverberation effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

When you find yourself recording in a room that just sounds bad, there’s nothing you can do to keep mediocre room acoustics away from your sound. In these cases, reverb contaminates the performance and messes up the sound quality. That’s when ERA-R comes to the rescue!

ERA-R is the only plugin that attenuates or removes excessive reverberation with a single knob. Based on the accusonus multi-patented audio restoration technology, ERA-R automatically estimates the reverberation profile and offers the means to adjust the reverberation amount via a single control. The plugin also provides 5 spectral band presets that allow frequency-focused processing.

Features of ERA-R
  • Repair location recordings.
  • Clean up your dialog or voice tracks.
  • Tighten up your music performances.
  • Add clarity to your mixes.
  • Remove the recorded room before adding artificial reverberation.
  • Remove/reduce reverberation from stems.
  • Tighten up drum patterns.
  • Suppress long tom tails to improve your drum sound.
  • Perceptually bring the dominant sound sources closer to the microphone.
  • Change the direct/reverb balance in a mix.
  • Tighten up you acoustic guitar sound and control the guitar body resonances.
In response to the overwhelming user response on ERA-N, Accusonus has extended the ERA-N and introduces the ERA-R intro pricing until April, 24. Two new bundles (Single-knob bundle, ERA bundle) are also introduced in its Enhancement and Restoration of Audio (ERA) product line.

ERA-R and ERA-N are now available in the introduction offer for $39 USD (regular $59 USD). 

The Single-Knob Bundle (ERA-N, ERA-R) are available now in a special introduction offer for $59 USD (regular $118 USD). ERA-D is available for $299 USD. The ERA Bundle (ERA-D, ERA-N, ERA-R) is available now for $339 USD (regular $417 USD) 

More Informations here: Accusonus

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