Klevgränd released Baervaag FM Synth for VST / AU

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Maybe you see my posting in the morning about the new IOS release of Klevgränd.  I want to add for this article something important. As usual , Klevgränd also released this new FM Synthesizer for desktop VST and AU. For limited time, you can save up to 37,5% on the IOS Version and 35% on the VST/AU plugin. Check the features below.

The concept of FM synthesis may daunt many people. Well, the word Baervaag* may daunt even more. But fear not, this is a really friendly instrument that you’ll learn to love in less than a minute. If that’s enough info for you, skip the following techy paragraph. Baervaag consists of one carrier and one modulator, of which both waveforms can be modified seamlessly from sine wave to pure square wave with PWM (pulse width modulation). Input velocity can modulate the FM Feedback, Filter, ADSR Attack and Volume. It has an ADSR control for each oscillator, and a controllable wobble factor that adds analogue unpredictability. Plus, it is packed with sweet presets.

Features of Baervaag Synthesizer
  • FM Feedback, Filter, ADSR Attack and Volume can be modulated by velocity.
  • Oscillators can be shaped between sine, square and PWM.
  • One ADSR for each oscillator.
  • Controllable wobble factor that adds analogue unpredictability.
  • 50+ handcrafted presets created by professional musicians.

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