CV Toolkit 2.6 Update released – Ableton Link Support

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Link is a sync technology developed Ableton and build in many music applications today. Ableton Link is a great way to sync your software device (iPad with Ableton DAW, Reason, …) but now it becomes more important for the Eurorack world. Icaro Ferre just announced an update for his CV Toolkit software which allows now to use Ableton Link with your eurorack modular. In my opinion, this is an fantastic update because it can simply your workflow with hardware and software synchronisations 

New in CV Toolkit 2.6 

  • Support for Ableton Link
  • Re-designed MIDI Clock sync
  • Built-in Delay Compensation
  • 2 new Modules: ADSR & Input
  • Keyboard Representation for the Global Quantizer
  • Auto-Slide for the Sequencer module
  • Major changes to the virtual module’s framework to improve timing / clocking between modules.
  • Other improvements and bug-fixes.

Available here: CV Toolkit

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