Skrock Music released Kraft Synthesizer for Reason Rack Extension

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The market of Rack Extension grows constantly in the last months. Skrock Music released on Friday Kraft Synthesizer, a new wavetable based Synthesizer Rack Extension for Reason.

The Kraft Synthesizer is a 3 oscillator synth with advanced spread/offset capabilities and dedicated filters for each oscillator.

At its center, the Filter Control section gives you global control over all the dedicated filters simultaneously. Stick with the Filter Control for your standard synth filter shaping, or dig deeper and use it to control many filter settings at once.

The Oscillators

Kraft has 3 oscillators. Each oscillator has 3 sections (Main, Filter and Modifiers) 
29 Waveforms/Tables

Main Tab
  • Waveform – Selects current waveform.
  • Trig / Free – Retrig or free-running waveform
  • Level – Oscillator output level
  • Pan – Oscillator output panning
  • Semi – Tuning in semi steps -24 to +24
  • Cent – Fine tuning in cent steps -99 to +99
  • Index – Wavetable start position
  • Modulations – Dedicated per osc modulation matrix

Filter Tab
  • LP24 / BP12 – Dedicated oscillator filter type
  • Cut – Oscillator filter cutoff
  • Res – Oscillator filter resonance
  • Drive – Oscillator filter drive shift – + (Less or more drive effect)
  • Key – Filter keytrack shift – + (Less or more keytracking)

Mod (Modifiers) Tab

The Mod (Modifiers) section splits the oscillator into two copies for further modulation.
  • ON / OFF – Enable or disable the oscillator modifiers
  • Filter – Filter cutoff offset – + (Offsets the cutoff value for each signal)
  • Offset – Index offset – + ( Offsets the index value for each signal)
  • Detune – Detune – + ( Offsets the tune value for each signal)
  • Spread – Stereo Spread – + ( Offsets the panning value for each signal)

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