Review: Primal Audio FM4 FM Synthesizer (Rack Extension)

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Primal Audio FM4 is a fantastic Synthesizer for iPad and is one of the best FM synths currently available for iPad. Some months after the initial release of FM4 for iPad, Primal Audio released the same app for Reason Rack Extension format and adds some modular features best known from the Audio Workstation Reason. Equal the iPad version, the rack extension version has the same sound quality and can score with a perfect emulation of the old Yamaha DX7 Synthesizers.

In version 2, Primal Audio updated FM4 with additional 8 new frequency modulation routings which gives this Synthesizer much more sound design options. In summary:

+ Easy to use 
+ Great sounding Synth
+ Authentic FM sound 
+ Shiny Graphical-User-Interface 

Available here for iPad:

Available here for Reason Rack Extension

Check out my video for a sound demo and review 

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