NAMM 2017 News: KORG News Round-Up

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During the NAMM Show 2017, i visited the booth of the Japanese instruments manufacturer KORG. They announced for the NAMM this year the Gadget for Mac and the ARP Odyssey FS. 

KORG Gadget for iPhone and iPad is since years a great mobile Synthesizer workstation. Every year, we see amazing progress in the development of this app. Now the company announced at NAMM 2017 Gadget for Mac, an port from IOS to Mac. There are several users, they say now: nothing special at all. It’s sure a port is nothing so special but what make it so cool. The individual 30 gadgets will be available as single plugin. If you buy Gadgets for Mac, you receive 30 plugins and a complete standalone version for your system. The quality of the gadgets instruments is very high and sounds incredible on iPad and iPhone and I’m happy to use them in future on my mac system. There will be three new additions: an audio recorder, an audio effect gadget and a new drum machine. I’m looking forward to test this new software from KORG.

The second new device on the booth specially for NAMM 2017 was the KORG ARP Odyssey FS, a full sized ARP Odyssey. It’s not a big release but what is interesting to see is that KORG heard they customers and released a full sized version. Many customers was frustrated by the bad mini keys on the initial re-release of the ARP Odyssey. I played a bit the new ARP and the feeling is much better but the sound is still the same. What is important here: The new FS version will be assembled in New York and is limited to 150 units. If you waited for this release, be quick to reserve your unit. 
The third new device from KORG is a white edition KORG MS-20 Mini but honestly, this was for me no really news to cover. It’s a colour which will polarise a lot the users. Many will say: ugly other will love it. Personally, I don’t love the colour and I prefer the black one. MS-20 is a black Synthesizer and not a white one. Sorry Korg.

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