MeldaProduction Eternal Madness Discount Week #4

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MeldaProduction has announced the 5th round of the Eternal Madness Discount 2017! Only for one week, you can save 50% on four different plugins every week. Check out the plugins of this week. This offer is available until 5 February (23:59:59 UTC)

Vocals, bass, solo guitars, saxophones. They all deserve to be on top of the mix all the time. To accomplish this, some engineers used compressors, others automated faders. Now you have MAutoVolume, which does the job for you with almost no effort and with unbelievable audio quality.

MDrumEnhancer is a unique tool that follows your drum track and synthesizes it’s own signal using samples to make it sound big and phat, without any problems drum replacing suffers from. Add snare noises, improve bass drum’s boom or snap, or even resynthesize the sound completely.

MMultiBandBitFun is a serious tool for extreme distortion lovers. It converts incoming audio into limited fixed-point precision of 1-16 bits per sample and lets you access each bit with several operations and finishes the processing with a low-pass filter. All with up to 6 independent bands, 4 modulators…

With MMultiBandComb you have up to six bands, each with up to 4 filters. You can have them in series, in parallel, or just mix it somehow. Each filter has an adjustable feedback with band pass and even a limiter! You can also invert phase in each channel to get quite some unique stereo width. And most of that is easily accessible using the easy-to-use graphical editor. And that is just a beginning…

More Informations here: Melda Production Plugins

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