Eventide Space Pedal as Eurorack Format DIY Project

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There is no confirmation yet but Richard Devine posted on his Facebook Page a new Eventide Eurorack module. This transformation is made by Ninstrument

Update: It’s a DIY User Project from the Muffwiggler Forum: https://www.muffwiggler.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=176033

Informations from the user 

Figured I might as well start a new thread for this. I will be posting more info to this thread with more details and a vid. Here are a couple of detailed pics in the meantime. The power consumption is just below 600mA. The conversion is considerable. You need to replace all of the pots with proper metal shaft type and you need to cut the power traces to all of them. Also have to desolder all of the jacks and the two DPDT switches. Even with a proper desoldering gun, figure it will take at least a day to do this and the jacks were especially nasty and demanded special attention. Powdercoated and two color epoxy print panel. I used car tint on thin Lexan to custom make the led segment cover. Lots of trimmers to adjust the voltage reference for each pot. More detailed info on that later. If I can figure out if the other models in this line, namely the pitch factor and time factor, are the same I will consider doing a very small run of these”

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