Meldaproduction Eternal Madness Promotion #1

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Meldaproduction announced their Eternal Madness Promotion for the first week of this new year. As usual, they offer each week four plugin random chosen with a 50% discount during one week. Check out the plugins of this week with this big discount. The offer is available until 8 of January. Next week will be a new selection of four plugins.

MAutoDynamicEq is the ultimate “go-to” parametric equalizer, that combines astonishing versatility with ease-of-use to produce a really musical sound. Inspired by the analog world, but taking advantage of the digital! 

Available here: MAutoDynamicEq

MCharacter is a unique tool, that lets you directly control the harmonics of any monophonic audio material. It can be used on vocals, bass, trumpet, saxophone… It opens a range of mixing and creative possibilities.

Available here: MCharacter

MFilter is a specifically altered version of our MEqualizer with four global modulators which are able to provide effects such as wah-wah, sweeps, etc., but MFilter goes much further than you could ever imagine with standard effects.

Available here: MFilter

MMultiBandDelay is a powerful multiband delay featuring 2 synchronizable taps per band, each with 3 different delay algorithms. Up to 6 bands along with 4 global modulators provide more than you could ever imagine with standard delays.

Available here: MMultiBandDelay 

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