Soniccouture released Free Estey Reed Organ for Kontakt Player

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Soniccouture released a free Organ library for Kontakt 5 as gift for the Christmas Holidays. The instrument is based on the Kontakt Player Engine and comes with 1.8 GB of sampled material. The library is available for free until 31 of December and is available after this date for 59 Euro. For downloading this library, please enter the coupon code ESTEYFREE

Pedal-powered reed organs (often referred to as pump organs) were once the most popular instruments in the USA. Manufactured by the Estey Organ Company from 1860 onwards, they were often housed in ornate and elaborate pieces of furniture. The organ we have recorded appears to be a high-top Grand Salon Organ, dating from around the turn of the 19th century. It is played, as you might expect, by pumping the two foot pedals alternately, to force air through the reed mechanism. 

It requires some technique, and no small amount of effort to keep a strong, even tone from the instrument.We recorded the Estey Organ by removing the back panel, which gave a more direct sound, and minimised the considerable pedal noise. We have included separate pedal noise which can be blended in (or not) for realism.

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