Bastl Instruments released bitRanger ADDON Boards

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Since the official release, the sound character of the bitRanger fascinate me. Now the developers from Brno expand this sound possibilities with complete new addon boards. Really looking forward for testing this push-button matrix.

The synapsis is a 4×4 pushbutton matrix that offers performative control of the Bit Ranger.
There are 8 patch points connected to 4 rows (ABCD) and 4 columns (1234) of buttons. Pressing button A1 connects point A to  point 1. A2 connects A to 2. B2 connects B to 2 and so on. Package includes:
  • The Synapsis
  • 10 short + 10 long jumper wires
  • hex key
It is best used by dedicating rows to outputs (like divider or mix bits) and columns to inputs (like the byte section or inhibit points). In this configuration every possible combination of buttons will connect outputs to inputs and cause a change in the behaviour of the BitRanger. As always it is best to experiment and try new things.
Price: 25€ (excl. taxes) Available here

The BitBoard is a breadboard add-on module that allows users to build custom circuits and user interfaces for the BitRanger. It is solidly attached to the bitRanger and provides performance friendly stability. It either comes just on its own, or with with 2 pots, 2 buttons and 4 switches which can help you to start designing your own bitRanger interface.


The bitBoard is closely linked to a project called OMSYNTH which is a breadboard based open modular synthesizer by Casper electronics. Several tutorials on how to make circuits are available on the OMSYNTH webpage.


Price: 25€ (excl. taxes) (bundle) Available here

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