AIR Music Tech Xpand!2 1USD Sale is Back and No-Brainer upgrade

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Great news from the front of AIR Music Tech. The 1 USD Sale of Xpand!2 rompler is back. Another retailer started today the same sale for limited time. 

Additional to this 1 USD Sale, you can buy for limited time the upgrade to the AIR 3 Complete Bundle for a great price. There are some other retailers offers the same deal on this upgrade. If you want to support Synth Anatomy Blog and Youtube channel, please consider buying the upgrade with my link. Maybe you can save some cents at another store but with your purchase, you support my activity. Many thanks in advance 🙂 

And trust me, it’s a fantastic value of products for this price. 4 Synthesizers, 1 Sampler, 1 rompler, 1 Drum Computer and much more. 

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