News about my Health and continuation of Synth Anatomy

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Hi, it’s Tom. After 1 week stay in the hospital for heart problems, I’m back at my home. Now I’m must activate the recovery mode for 2-3 weeks. Thanks a lot to my community for the warm words. As I mention, I will not release news the next time here but as compensation, I will release some videos which I shoot in the past weeks and months and which are not released yet. So the youtube channel will continue but the blog will be not really active for 1 week. Maybe in the second week of the recovery, I will continue slow and slow my activity. 

Here is a video which I produced about the Synbiosis Sound Library for the AAS Chromaphone 2 Percussive Synthesizer for PC and Mac. This library is available here:
Synbiosis Sound Bank for AAS Chromaphone 2 Synthesizer

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