Virsyn Addictive Pro Synthesizer coming soon

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Virsyn is very busy to creating apps which opens automatically our wallet. This time the german developer will release a new Synthesizer which combine digital wavetable and noise synthesis. On top of this virtual analog filters. Addictive Synth Pro is a 4 part programmable arpeggiator for polyrhythmical sequences and a full arsenal of effects for endless creative flow. A Preview is available here

Virsyn write me: In the video only two of approx. 25 pages are shown. (10 LFO, 10 Envelopes generators with around 200 parameters) but no wavetable import. The wavetable synthesis of Addictive Pro Synth shouldn’t be confused with the Waldorf / PPG approach. 
Thanks Virsyn for the answer 

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