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Mogees introduced this week their latest app Mogees Keys for owners of the Mogees Pro and Play sensors. I use the first sensor since some months already and must say, it’s very interesting to play around with this product. I’m looking forward to play with this new app because it combines three different Synthesizer which can be used for creating musical grooves and melodic sequences. I’m really happy that the company reach the amount of money in the last Kickstarter campaign and that this product will be develop further. 

The sound engines are:

  • Muon: Mogees’ signature physical modelling resynthesiser
  • Scope: A realistic and dynamic steel string resonator
  • Chow: A classic FM synt

Mogees Keys allows you to you to play melodic arpeggios and chords through a simple and musical application for iOS 8+. Just stick your Mogees Pro vibration sensor to any object in the real world, plug it into your iPhone, open the Mogees Keys app and convert the raw sound from the sensor into flowing arpeggios or chord progressions.

Select your notes and with each hit you will hear the next note in the sequence. Quickly move the root note to build harmonic progressions or chord sequences. Depending on how hard you hit, you can choose to trigger chords or reset the arpeggio. Mogees Keys features 3 Sound Engines with more to come including Muon, Scope, and Chow. Each Sound Engine allows fully customisable synthesis parameters.

12+ Scale Modes allow for a diverse pallet of harmonies with quick swap capabilities for key changes.

More Informations here: Mogees

Mogees Keys is available here: 

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