New Era of Plugin Payment? Splice announced Rent-to Own for Serum Synthesizer Plugin

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Splice, the music production subscription service announced an interesting offer Serum. With your Splice subscription, you receive now Serum Plugin. If you pay monthly 9.99 USD for the subscription plan, you can own Xfer Serum Synthesizer plugin worth 189 USD. We can observe currently in the plugin market that some developer starts subscription services. Slate Digital or  Eventide offer their plugins with a special subscription plan.

It’s an interesting offer for developer to receive permanent a revenue from their users but also for users which don’t need plugins all the time. So you can activate the subscription plan the moment when you need the plugin in your production. I love the fact that I own the plugins when I purchased them but the way how developers now offers their plugin is also a good deal. If I plan to work on one specific project, I would consider trying this business program. When you reach the amount of subscription cost, you get a lifetime license of the plugin which is pretty nice. Excellent idea Xfer Records and Splice.

If companies offer more systems like that, I would consider making this subscription because you don’t lose money.

At Splice, we aim to help artists discover and reach their full musical potential. Over the past couple years, we have made tremendous strides in improving the music creation process, bringing the benefits of the cloud to the everyday tools that music producers have come to rely on. Today we embark on a new journey, setting a precedent for how we believe software should be released in this industry.
We are very excited to announce that we now offer Xfer’s award-winning synth, Serum, on a game-changing Rent-to-Own plan. This new approach lets you use the full version of Serum right away, paying off monthly installments of only $9.99 until you own the plugin outright.

More Informations here: Rent-to-Own Serum Synthesizer Plugin

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