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Plugin Boutique launched a limited time sale on the Future Audio Workshop Circle 2 Synthesizer. You can get actually a 50% discount on this Synthesizer plugin. 

This sale goes until 31 of July. 

Never heard about this Synthesizer? It’s not the famous Synthesizer of the Synthesizer market but it’s a underdog with some very cool unique feature. The best feature in this Synthesizer is the possibility to combine several types of synthesis and to use one unique type only available in this plugin. The VPS Oscillator technology is a new one designed and developed by Future Audio Workshop. Here is an explication what VPS oscillators do: 

Based on state-of-the-art digital synthesis research, the brand new VPS (vector phaseshaping synthesis) oscillator is one of the most exciting new features of Circle². The new oscillator utilizes a cutting-edge synthesis technique introduced by researchers at the Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering and The National University of Ireland, and further developed for its implementation in Circle² via an academic collaboration with Future Audio Workshop. 
The VPS oscillator works by glueing together a pair of sine waves with specified frequencies. Via its two parameters – which control the frequencies of the sine waves and the location at which they are glued – the VPS oscillator provides direct control of the waveform’s intricate harmonics. Experimentation throughout the oscillator development process has led to a range of results; from dirty Reese style bass patches to ethereal pads and gritty lead lines. Modulating the parameters can produce a wide range of effects, either used subtly to give gentle movement, or used harshly to twist and contort a synth into oblivion. We’re excited to hear what synthesis results users can achieve using the new oscillator.

What is also pretty cool in this Synthesizer is the possibility to create very quick new wavetables with the included Circle Wavetable Creator. If you are not so familiar with creating wavetable from scratch, it’s in this case no problem because it’s a simple load in system and the system transform your files in wavetables. You can see on the second picture that Circle 2 comes already with a lot of different waveforms which gives you a lot of hours of try out. 

The features of Circle 2 Synthesizer are: 
  • Sound Sources // Analog Oscillator, Wavetable Oscillator, VPS Oscillator, Noise, Feedback
  • Dedicated Modulators // ADSR Envelope, LFO, Sequencer, Arpeggiator
  • Sound Modifiers // Mixer, Mouth Filter, Fuzz Distortion, Overdrive, Parametric EQ, Shelving EQ, Phaser Filter, Crusher, Ring Modulator, Filter, Dual Filter, VCA
  • Master Effects // Phaser, Reverb, Echo, Double Echo, Ping Pong Echo, Chorus, Panner, Bucket Delay, Tube Distortion
  • Unique to Circle², the VPS is new type of oscillator, the outcome of a research
  • Totally redesigned interface. Retina ready and optimised for creative flow.

In my opinion, this Synthesizer make some essential right. It’s the GUI because it’s very easy to use and very intuitive to use. It doesn’t come with a lot of knobs but users has a good overview of all features. The module system offers you big flexibility in sound but also a good orientations where you work at the moment. If you want to test it, you download also a demo version. 

If you want to purchase it with the actual 50% off, please use my links so you support Synth Anatomy.

Available here: Circle 2 Demo Version

Here is a video I made for the Musikmesse 2015 

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