Behringer Q1002USB – Bad experience with Amazon Warehouse

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I bought lastY Tuesday on the famous Prime Day a Behringer Q1002 USB Mixer for my live Synthesizer setup in my home studio. It was a perfect moment because you get 20% off all Amazon warehouse products. So I purchased on Amazon Warehouse Germany this Behringer Mixer for a very good price. Around 55 Euro. 

Yesterday in the morning, I got this mixer but with a negative experience. Where I opened the box, they forgot to include the essential power supply which is a special one designed for Behringer Mixers. The USB cable was included but not the power supply. So I was in the situation that I can’t use this mixer because this models needs to be powered by this cables. So I called Amazon and they were so friendly and offer me two options. I can resend it for free or they offer me a good discount on this so I can order an additional Behringer power supply. 

My decision was: I want keep my mixer but I want a discount equal to the amount of money for an additional power supply. So I ordered today this power supply from Gear4music in the UK and I hope this will work for my mixer. I want to thanks to Amazon for their quick support and their good solution but what Amazon must improve urgent is the management of their second hand stuff. This product is in my opinion not allowed to be sold because this essential cable missed in the box. 
My advice for your readers of my blog. Please check before buying at the warehouse of Amazon if the product comes with all essential cables. If you want to buy this product but some cables are missing, please make your bill and check what additional cables costs. If not, it’s not a good deal. Amazon was in the situation a good communication partner and with this discount I can use my product hopefully again. If something is missing and they didn’t write it in their description, please contact them and ask for an additional discount or for a full refund and resend of the product. 

Before you buy something second hand from the big Amazon Warehouse, check before the informations or contact them for more details. Hope I helped you a bit 

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