PreenFM2 Synthesizer Video Series: Video #1 Operator Algorithms I

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The PreenFM2 Synthesizer is a very cool, cheap FM Synthesizer which produce the characteristics of the Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer. For me it’s a good alternative to the Volca FM from Korg because you have here 4 independent FM instruments. That means you can load in each slot one FM Synthesizer and play them on 4 different midi channels together. Also this Synths features a good amount on filter types for every instruments, a complex arpeggiator with different patterns and a full sequencer. If you have now a sequencer which can start 4 independent sequences on 4 midi channels, this FM Synthesizer will be a powerful synth for you. 

Additional PreenFM2 includes a memory stick of 1 GB which allows you to store thousand of DX7 presets on it. For making changes externally, you can get a free sound editor for PC and MAC. One of the coolest features but you need a bit of knowledge is the expansion for the FM Waveforms. You can shape your sound with additional waveforms slots, so you can go behind the classical DX7 engine. In this case you need a bit more knowledge how create this waveforms in text file. 

In my first video, I check out the operator algorithms available in PreenFM2. I will produce a second video about the algorithms where you get another sound impressions about the change of the algorithms.

More Informations here: PreenFM2

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