Tone 2 Icarus Synthesizer will be released end of June

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Tone 2 announced that Icarus Synthesizer will be released end of June. What I can read about the specifications, this new plugin from the german developer Tone 2 is great in features and new technologies. 

Some Features to show you:

  • 3D Wavetable Synthesizer: Wavetables can be morphed in several dimensions
  • New resynthesis method, which is easy to use and quickly gives good results
  • Modular effect section with 53 effects
  • High quality vocoder with 1024 bands
  • 3 oscillator blocks, each offering up to 10 stereo oscillators, which can play hypersaws, unison, …
  • Wavetables can be morphed with 54 different modes (FM, PWM, formant, phase distort, sync, …)
  • All morph modes can be combined with any kind of wavetable or hypersaw
  • Wavetable editor with many features
  • A wavetable generator can create completely new wavetables
  • Waveforms can be painted using the mouse and much more…

Wavetable Editor 

More Informations here:

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