Synthesizer meet Orchestra – Collaboration of Jean-Michel Jarre and Hans Zimmer

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I was quite happy to hear back in 2015 that Jean-Michel Jarre and Hans Zimmer join force and work on a collaboration song. Now in May, this song become real and was released in the latest studio album of Jean-Michel Jarre: Electronica 2 – The Heart of Noise. What the listener get is a wall of Synthesizer sounds and orchestra. Typical for both worlds. On side mister Synthesizer Jarre and on other side the maker of a lot of soundtrack Hans Zimmer who perfectly know how to arrange orchestra sounds. But not to forget, Hans Zimmer has also a big background of Synthesizer and in the video, you can see that his use Moog Synthesizers and also the actual loved Eurorack Synthesizer Modules.

The song (4:10) is nothing extraordinary or mindblowing but it’s great to hear both music souls in one composition. It combines very well both worlds of classical and electronic music. Check out the latest video here:

The latest Jean-Michel Jarre album is available here:

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