Sinevibes Cluster 2 Review: Complex, animated filter effects on the fly

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Before I write something about this AU exclusive plugin, you must take a look at the progress in GUI design of Cluster version 1 to version 2. If you own already the first version, this free update is already a no-brainer for you. As usual, Sinevibes offers free updates for their plugins also when they go up in the entire version. Check out this progress in the GUI. On the left, you see the old version and on the right currently available version 2. 

It’s easier for you readers to write down what Sinevibes Cluster plugin can do with your sound. In summary, Cluster is a plugin for creating complex, animated filter effects. At  it’s core is a looping step sequencer that runs in precise sync with incoming audio and lets you set filter type, frequency and modulation envelope individually per each of its 32 steps. Thanks to such flexibility, as well as multiple filter models and finely-tuneable parameters, Cluster can easily do anything from smooth, precise filter sweeps to rhythmic spectral reconstruction – regardless of what kind of sound is on the input. 

The GUI looks at the first moment a bit crazy with the very complexed envelopes and parameter settings but if you take an hour for it, you can learn the plugin pretty quick what it can do. For me on of the best improvements to the last full versions is the real time waveform display where you can see when the plugin make the effected sounds. You can use the plugin for very smoothly animated filtering sounds but you can also go in the extreme complexed sequencing world.

With the smoothed parameters adjustment, you can receive some really interesting results for more boring sounds. Like a standard Lead can receive with Cluster 2 some more individuality in his sound structure.You can discover a crazy and wired Cluster world also. The easiest way to make it crazy, press the randomise button and you will receive some extraordinary filtering effects. What is great in this plugin, you are not determine in one filter type. You can combine your filter sequences with lowpass, high-pass, band-pass and band-reject filters. If you use all of them in one sequences than your sound is for sure crazy and wicked. 

Sinevibes Cluster 2 comes with a deep envelope structure which award this plugin a special feeling. The filter features are already deep but the envelope can even make this plugin better because you can adjust them in different ways. With this adjustments, you can shape your sound more and more. 

Check my video where I use Cluster 2 and Arturia Mini V3 Synthesizer

  • Endless sound possibilities 
  • Easy to use and very responsive GUI 
  • You don’t need to read the manual because you can start immediate experimenting
  • Random Feature gives so immediate new ideas 
  • Fair price

  • No real preset manager available 
  • Only for Mac plugin

Desired improvements 
  • Easy-to use and very simple preset manager 
  • Scalable GUI – I love the new GUI design but they need a scalable feature 

For me the GUI is the best new feature of the plugin because this new one looks great in the colours and also in the handling. It’s easy to use and very responsive. The GUI change brings the plugin to another level of usage. If you want to give your sound a bit more of pepper and salt, Cluster plugin is perfect solution for electronic music. Try the the free demo version of the plugin so you will see if you like it or not. 

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