Rob Papen Prisma – Release Date announced

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Good News for users of Rob Papen Plugins. Prisma has now an official release date. Prisma will coming on Thursday the 2nd of June as an free download for owners of Rob Papen Instruments. So what is the new plugin of Rob Papen? Prisma is an instrument plugin which can stack up to four Rob Papen instruments, complete with their respective settings, as a single sound source. Example: you can stack four Blue II Synthesizer in one Prisma Patch and play it like one big FM Synthesizer. 

Each instrument can be opened individually and easily edited. What is great here, the sound possibilities are extreme big. If you own already one or two different plugins of Rob Papen, Prisma gives these plugins a complete new value because the horizon of sounds opens bigger than before. Even to make your sounds better, Prisma contains built in feature such four top quality FX allow users to bypass the individual instruments events to save on CPU. 

Prisma is for me a sound designer dream because you put together pad sounds with arpeggio sounds from two different instrument or even a massive drone sounds with different pad sounds from different Rob Papen plugins. Many new instruments coming to life actually in the software market but I’m still so happy that developer try to make something special and not only releasing the same virtual analog synth than 100 other developer did before. Prisma is an enrichment for your sound design tool bar and your studio. Even better, Prisma is free for users of one or more Rob Papen instruments. Save the  date: 2nd of June for downloading your copy of Prisma 

Rob Papen release some videos about Prisma. Here is a demo video showing some sound possibilities. But it shows you just a fraction of what Prisma can do. Your imagination is your sound 🙂

Don’t miss the opportunity to buy Rob Papen Predator for an excellent price. You receive actually a massive discount on it because the development of Predator 2 just started and you can upgrade later for an very fair price. More informations about this deal here: 

Rob Papen Predator

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