Suprise: Voice Synth for IOS got a major update

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After the developer tells us that Voice Synth will not longer be developed, we get today a nice suprise, Voice Synth is back with an updated version. AudioBus is still not usable but you can use it great with IAA. I have an video which is not yet released about the last version but I think I will delete this one because the app got a complete new look and many new features.

Check my Facebook Page for a very little experimentation with the new version of Voice Synth

Major update with a complete interface restyle and an incredible new palette of sound design options!

Complete interface restyle
– Easier navigation on both iPhone and iPad (smaller panels no longer cover menus)
– Central menu bar on iPhone
– Rotational knobs respond also to linear movements
– Direct access on main screen for Inter-App-Audio (IAA) host/transport, sampler transport, tape rec and preset save
– VoiceOver now includes all functions

Register Panel
– Extends the original low/high registers to 49 registers
– Set and fix a chord
– Toggling keys to ease sound design

Scale Panel
– Choose among 6 preset scales: major, minor, harmonic minor, pentatonic, augmented, diminished
– Design your own musical scale by selecting individual notes
– Move through scales by fifths or chromatically

Arpeggiator Panel
– With up, down, up-down, down-up, 1-4 octaves, gate and speed setting
– Create complex musical patterns with note combinations on keyboard and registers
– Group notes into chords for keyboard and/or registers

Designer Panel
– Design your own vocoder sound with wave synthesis
– Real time oscilloscope, what you see is what you hear!
– Mix additive, maximum and multiplicative (ringmodulation) synthesis
– Multiplicator includes phase sync/speed adjustment and
– Partial multiplications (take square root or other fractional powers) to
– Create additional low frequencies and chorus-like effects
– Sine wave with adjustable frequency, harmonics, clipping
– Square wave with adjustable frequency, width and slope
– Triangle/sawtooth with adjustable frequency, skew and clipping
– Noise white or voiced, with adjustable filter and clipping (e.g. for shot noise)
– Test mode to design while bypassing your own voice (use Designer as a synthesizer)

New features and improvements
– Manually pause your voice in live mode
– Mic-thru switch to talk clean or compare with designed sound
– Use midi footswitches to control live-pause and mic-thru
– Voice-Vocoder slider to mix in your own voice, e.g. dress up beat-boxing
– Automated selection between repeated live (built-in mic/speaker) and true live (headset or other)
– Select autopitch and pitch tracking/speed independently
– Samples can be fully integrated within a preset
– Adjustable sample speed/direction and pause
– More import, export & share options, including iCloud and AirDrop
– Unlimited number of presets, samples and tapes
– Favorite marking of presets and samples
– Online manual in readable form, accessible within the app
– Hosting of IAA input, pre/post effect while being hosted by e.g. Garageband
– Improved noise gate, both manual and automatic
– Adaptive noise reduction, with bypass for high-quality mics
– Improved autogain limiter, pitch tracking, stereo panning and stereo delay
– Synchronize timing of sampler, arpeggiator, delay and strobo voice
– Adjust which settings are included in presets, e.g. samples, musical scale
– Polyphony up to 24 voices (depending on your iOS device’s processor)
– Discontinuation of iTunes FileSharing (in favor of iCloud)
– Discontinuation of audiobus (in favor of Inter-App-Audio)
– Now 200+ factory presets with incredible sounds!

VoiceSynth is available here for iPhone and iPad

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