UVI Energy for UVI Falcon and Workstation

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UVI Energy is a Synthesizer Sample Library by UVI. It’s compatible with UVI Falcon and Workstation Free Player Instrument. 

ENERGY is the product of a unique and extremely rare additive synthesizer from the early 80’s, the Digital Keyboards Synergy. Released in 1982, the DK Synergy was based on an extremely sophisticated additive engine for the time, derived from the nearly $30,000 Crumar GDS (General Development System) and famously used by Wendy Carlos on the original TRON soundtrack. In fact many of the Synergy’s presets were crafted by Carlos herself, who is noted to still use the synth to this day. 

Here is my sound demo for UVI Energy. 

UVI Energy is available as single product or as part of the Vintage Vault Collection.

You can find more informations about UVI Energy here: Energy
You can find more informations about UVI Vintage Vault here: Vintage Vault

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