Synapse Audio released Update for Dune 2 and announced Christmas Sale

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Synapse Audio released an Update for Dune 2 Synthesizer Plugin. This major update (2.5) comes with a bigger library, new filters, new ADSR envelopes, new patches and finally an AAX Plugin version for ProTools Users.

As bonus, Synapse Audio added to the last installer of Dune 2 , 250 free patches from Sound Designer Armin Malbertz. The library contains a lot of ambient and atmospheric sounds. 

New Features in Synapse Audio Dune 2 are: 

  • New Envelopes — The Filter ADSR section in version 2.5 gains an “Analog” switch, which uses a novel circuit-simulated envelope model for the filter and amplitude envelope. 
  • New Filters — Two new filter models named “Expander”, a 12 dB type and a 24 dB type. What’s different is that those filters are oversampled and can deal with saturation/drive much better than the previous filters. They also feature an improved resonance behavior above 10 khz and were designed to work best with the new analog envelopes.
  • AAX Version — Dune 2.5 is Synapse Audio’s first plugin that comes with an AAX version for ProTools 64-bit, both Mac and Windows. 
Synapse Audio announced also a Christmas Sale on Dune 2 and Dune 2 Upgrade. More Informations about Synapse Audio Dune 2 and the Christmas Sale, you can find here:

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