WizDom Music released Geoshred App, a playground for expressive physical modelling sounds

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WizDom Music, the company of Jordan Rudess released yesterday the new IOS App Geoshred. This new app is based on physcial modelling synthesis and lets you create very expressive music. 

GeoShred lets you create music using expressive physical modeling synthesis. You can achieve realistic guitar sounds, and also bend, stretch and manipulate the sound into endless possibilities. You can explore, edit and control the mechanics of a guitar model – solid or hollow body, nylon or metal strings, pick position, harmonics and much, much more!

GeoShred’s unique, responsive user interface for performance and extensive sound design enables you to directly control dozens of model parameters and effects. 

With GeoShred, you have the power to make music that comes alive with expression, real controllable feedback, finger vibratos, note slides, power chords, auto-arpeggios and much, much more. 
First Impressions after playing some hours with Geoshred. 

I see the first time Geoshred in videos at NAMM where friends of Jordan Rudess “shred” with the app. At the first minute, I was directly felt in love with this app. I was already a big fan of Geo-Synthesizer but this app offers in my eyes much more power than the first Geo App. The Geo-Shred app offers physical modelling technology which offers an unlimited sound possibilities. With included modelled feedback and effects, you can do much more crazy stuff with this app. 

After playing some hours with GeoShred, I must say: Yes, this is an app for what an iPad is perfect. Multitouch Instrument with a new innovative way to perform and make music. The app comes with a lot of presets which give users already a lot of content to discover and contains some basic guitar sounds up to very wired, crazy sounds which can be wonderful performed with GeoShred. The app offers not only presets but you can create you own sounds and it gives you an unlimited world of sounds. Sampled based instruments are very limited in their way to play and to transform but with physical modelling technology,you have a big playground to discover.

I will published in the near future a video about GeoShred. In meantime, you can discover this video from Jordan Rudess. First conclusion: this kind of apps offers this wow effect and confirm the existence of an iPad as music instrument.

GeoShred is available here:

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