Admiral Quality released Beta 7 of Version 1.3 of Poly-Ana Synthesizer

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Poly-Ana Synthesizer is a virtual polyphonic analog Synthesizer for PC and MAC. 

Version 1.3 (Beta) contains a lot of new features and improvements: 
  • Custom Skins 
  • New Anti-Alias control in the Quality section
  • and much more: fixes, improvements….

Due the fact that this Synthesizer is the first time on this page, here a little overview: AdmiralQuality describe his Synthesizer: 

“Poly-Ana uses a different approach than most other VA soft-synths which we feel delivers a sound more authentic to the early analog synths that inspired her features. This “brute-force” method admittedly requires more processing power than other common techniques, but is a far truer model of the functioning of real analog instruments. If you obsess over the quality of your sound like we do then you won’t mind using a bit more CPU power to help get you closer to that real analog sound; a sound that so many other VA synths fall too-far short of. (Note that Poly-Ana also offers a Quality option to reduce CPU usage during performance-time at the expense of sound quality.) 

Poly-Ana’s voice architecture is an ambitious combination of all the best features of the famous analog classics, plus a few new features (totaling 208 controls, plus a full 5 octave velocity sensitive virtual keyboard!) which, while possible back in the day, would have been prohibitively expensive to implement in hardware. But as a software-only product, Poly-Ana doesn’t face these limitations, and we held nothing back in designing our “ultimate analog dream synth”. Combine this with a classic styled design that puts every parameter a single click away, with large, easy to grab knobs and switches that behave like the real-world items; and with no hidden drill-down menus so that each and every control is prominently displayed out where you can see it; Poly-Ana offers a true alternative in software synthesis.”
A feature summary for Poly-Ana 

  • 3 Oscillators per voice 
  • 2 filters per voice (12/24 db/Oct, LPF/HPF – can be run in parallel or in series allowing for additional multi-mode capability!
  • Filter Resonance Modulation 
  • Stereo signal patch throughout the voice (Poly-Ana produces dramatic stereo effects)
  • Unique modulation routing scheme 
  • Waveform “morphing” creates smooth transitions between oscillator waveforms beyond simple cross-fading!
  • Waveform Mod automatically morphs oscillator waveforms 
  • PWM for all oscillator waveforms
  • Noise Sync. 
  • 2 LFO’s per Voice with retriggering 
  • Full Host-Sync for LFO’s with adjustable phase offset
  • 3 ADSR Envelopes per voice with adjustable curves 
  • 2 Modulation Mixers allow for complex combinations of modulation sources through Addition, Multiplication (ring modulation) a Sample and Hold, Full / Half Wave Rectifier, and aLag filter!
  • Unique, oversampled voice engine sounds more like real analog than any soft-synth..
  • ….
Here is an example for a custom skin:

More Information about this monster software Synthesizer here:

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