Bordlands IOS App Version 2 is coming this Monday

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Exciting News for Owners of Borderlands IOS App. This Monday (30.03.2015) the app will coming online on Itunes in Version 2.

Here are the exciting new features of Borderlands 2.0 

Real time audio input recording and granulation 
Audiobus Sender, Filter, and Receiver Support AudioShare import and export

Gesture recording and looping
Parameter automation

Save and load presets as “scenes”

Quickly duplicate clouds

Resonant filters available for each grain cloud 

Optional per-grain filter randomization
Create custom granular effects processors 

Bugfixes and Improvements: 

Support for iOS 7, 8, and up

Better sample import options

Hardware accelerated grains for faster performance 

Support for external audio interfaces
Better memory handling

Multiple sample rates and latencies supported Interface rotation supported

File sharing enabled 

App preview video

App demo video: 

The update will be for free for existing users of Borderlands Version 1.
The price will for new users 9.99 USD 

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