GliGli Overcycler, new polyphonic hybrid desktop Synthesizer

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GliGli Overcycler is a new 6-voice polyphonic hybrid desktop Synthesizer with digital oscillators and analog filters & VCA.

The French developer Fabrice Guilhaume, better known as GliGli, is not unknown in the Synthesizer community. One of his biggest and most famous projects is the Teensy-based mainboard/firmware upgrade for the Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 called P600fw, taking the original synth to new levels.

His second major project is a best-seller—the Pro-800, which he developed together with Behringer. It is a Pro-600 clone with eight analog voices and many extra goodies. Good news: GliGli has something new in the works. He is currently working on his own new, exciting hybrid Synthesizer. 

GliGli Overcycler

GliGli Overcycler

Overcycler is a new 6-voice polyphonic hybrid desktop Synthesizer, using digital oscillators (single-cycle waveforms) and per-voice VCF and VCA. This makes it a real polyphonic Synthesizer and not just paraphonic like many others.

The voice architecture gives you two oscillators per voice with sync, DCM (duty cycle modulation) on any waveform, dual waveform mix modulation, and unique “girth” modulation. The latter gives you results from a subtle veil to ring mod-like sounds. 

According to GliGli, it will run at an 80kHz sample rate for a clean sound by default and will ship with single-cycle waveforms from the AKWF collection, original Prophet VS, and more stored in the internal flash chip. They are also accessible through USB mass storage. There is also a noise generator.

Analog Filters

Then, it has a per-voice analog filter based on the clone of the SSM2044 filter used in synths such as the Korg Monopoly, PolySix, PPG Wave 2.2/2.3, or the EMU SP-12/SP-1200, samplers.

GliGli Overcycler PCB

The Overycler also offers a solid set of modulations. I assume this is fully digital, like the Pro-600, the firmware board by GliGli, and the Behringer Pro-800. It offers three ADSR envelopes with linear/exponential mode options, looping functionality, and three factory routings (oscillators, filter, and amp).

Besides this, it has two full-featured LFOs with various parameters and six modulation destinations. Overcycler also includes a sequencer and an arpeggiator.

On the backside, you can find a stereo output supported by the engine’s dedicated voice panning functionality. Further, it has a USB port for power, USB MIDI, regular MIDI, and a USB host port for mass storage.

The interface has a big monochrome screen, ten knobs, and a number + letter pad. This is probably the somewhat unusual thing about the synth. With these, you navigate through the menu system.

First Impression

This is a very exciting new hybrid poly Synthesizer from GliGli. I’m curious how well the mixture of digital oscillators and analog filters harmonizes here. We know from synths like the Waldorf M or the MicroFreak/MiniFreak that this can sound lovely and unique. If he can build the Overcycler and market it for that price, that would be really cool.

GliGli Overcycler will be available in the next few months as a DIY kit with a pre-populated PCB for around 250€ or fully assembled for around 300€.

More information here: GliGli

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