Superbooth 24: UDO Audio SuperTouch 49, upgrade your Super 6 with polyphonic aftertouch keys

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Superbooth 24: UDO Audio has announced the SuperTouch 49 DIY kit for the Super 6 polysynth, which adds polyphonic aftertouch keys.

In addition to the new Super 8 Synthesizer, there was a surprise at the UDO Audio stand at Superbooth 24.

It will soon be possible to upgrade the UDO Audio Super 6 with polyphonic aftertouch keys. But only for a limited time. 

UDO Audio SuperTouch 49


UDO Audio SuperTouch 49

In August, the SuperTouch 49 will be available to convert the Super 6 to a polyphonic aftertouch Synthesizer. Since the production costs are high, this is only available to existing customers for a limited time. However, a Super 6 with polyphonic aftertouch as a regular product is not planned.

The SuperTouch 49 is a complete keyboard replacement with an improved feel and key weighting. It gifts your Super 6 synth with many new sonic and performative possibilities.

According to George Hearn of UDO, it’s easy to install and comes with everything you need: in-depth instruction and all the necessary items. 

First Impression

Since the UDO Audio SuperTouch 49 makes the Super 6  more expensive, I understand the developers not bringing the synth onto the market as a polyAT version. So the Super 6 remains the cheaper UDO synth to date. But I’m pleased that the possibility now exists.

UDO Audio Super 6 DIY kit for polyAT extension is available now for pre-order for 392,95€ + VAT. Shipping will start in August 2024.

More information here: UDO Audio

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