Superbooth 24: Twisted Electrons Twist FM, poly hybrid synth with Sound Blaster chips

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Superbooth 24: Twisted Electrons previewed the Twist FM, a new upcoming polyphonic hybrid FM Synthesizer based on Sound Blaster chips.

Pittsburgh Modular, Cre8audio, and Twisted Electroncs shared a tent at Superbooth 24 this year. No wonder, Alex from TE is part of the development team of Cre8audio.

In addition to the new mighty analog Voltage Lab 2 Synthesizer, there was also a new prototype on display here. Twisted Electrons previewed the new Twist FM Synthesizer. 

Twisted Electrons Twist FM

Twisted Electrons Twist FM

Yes, that was a surprise at Superbooth 24. You could only see the new Twisted Electrons synth when you visited the tent. There was no press release or so.

Twist FM is a new 8-voice polyphonic FM Synthesizer with hands-on control powered by Sound Blaster chips (YMF262/OPL3 FM). It uses two chips to create the 8-voice polyphonic FM sounds.

It offers a dual-layer engine with stacking option. The first layer features four operators with five algorithms, while the other uses two operators and two algorithms. Unfortunately, you can’t combine the layers into one 6-OP FM Synthesizer.

Then, both layers go through an analog filter with a dedicated ADSR envelope, making it a hybrid synth. I think the analog filter is a great addition as it adds a nice warmth touch to the colder FM sound.

Twisted Electrons Twist FM

On the modulation side, it has three multi-wave LFOs, a dedicated envelope per operator, and an additional envelope assignable to various parameters.

Like the previous Twisted Electrons synths, this one also has a very hands-on interface with lots of sliders. Twisted Electrons also added a little screen to the Twist FM with an encoder. The only one on the whole synth.

Plus, you get a built-in ribbon control for real-time action, including note playback. There is also a 128-step sequencer, an arpeggiator, and a chord mode.

First Impression

With the Twist FM, Twisted Electrons will make retro sound fans very happy again. I’m sure. Looks very lovely and I’m looking forward to the final release.

Twisted Electrons Twist FM will be available in late Summer/Autumn of this year (estimated). The price is TBA but should be under 1000€.

More information here: Twisted Electrons

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