Thomann is celebrating 70 years with exclusive birthday deals on hardware and software

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Happy birthday Thomann, Europe’s largest music retailer is celebrating 70 years of operation with exclusive birthday deals on hardware and software.

It’s time for a celebration. Thomann, Europe’s or even the world’s largest online music retailer from the village of Treppendorf, Germany, is celebrating 70 years of operation.

Hans Thomann Sr founded the company in 1954 as a family business and since 1990, the activity has been managed by Hans Thomann Jr. More importantly, it’s still a family-owned company.

Thomann birthday deals

Happy and warmest congratulations from SYNTH ANATOMY and hopefully 70 more years to come.

I have a close connection with Thomann and the team. Besides the affiliation program, they advised me on the website during the first years, opened doors for me in other media, and made it possible to organize the Synth Reactor YouTube event with Henning Pauly (EytschiPi42) back in 2019. Big thank you for these opportunities. 

Thomann Birthday Deals

This milestone birthday is also celebrated with exclusive deals on hardware and software. You can also get some special editions of devices that are only available from here.

These are, for example, a red version of the Eventide H9 multi-FX processor for 499€, or the classic Arturia Keystep Black Edition with bright blue knobs for 99€.

Thomann birthday deals Waldor Pulse 2

The Waldorf Pulse 2 analog Synthesizer has been off the market for a while. But for Thomann’s 70th birthday, it makes a limited-time comeback. 

Not in the regular black-green version but in a very striking light-blue one. From the inside, it’s the same analog Synthesizer, only the housing was made exclusively for Thomann.

Then the well-known deal on the Polyend Tracker is back. This is available again for 399€ for a limited time.


Thomann also has a very good deal on the Akai Pro MPK 261 MIDI controller with 61 keys, velocity and aftertouch. It’s available for 298€. There is also an even better deal on the Zoom H4 field recorder. The prices for the old H recorders dropped at NAMM because Zoom presented the H Essentials there.

The already discounted price of 199€ for the H4 is now 159€. Almost a no-brainer for a field recorder of this class. If you search a dirt-cheap USB interface with quality control, then don’t miss the deal on the Steinberg UR12 Black, a two-channel USB audio interface. It’s 50% OFF and available for 44€. It has flimsy micro USB but for the price you can’t go wrong.

Thomann Birthday deals softube

Also a great deal is available on the Walrus Audio Slötva multi texture reverb. It is now available for 149€. It’s the Walrus Audio SLÖ + presets and you read the full review here. Same applies to the Softube Console 1 MK2 plugin controller. It’s also on a great sale for just 299€ instead of 449€ (Softube website).

Exclusive Native Instruments Komplete Collections

Talking about plugins. Thomann has also teamed for their 70th birthday with Native Instruments to create exclusive Komplete collections. There are two bundles with various plugins and libraries.

Each cost 70€ and has a great price/value ratio. Especially the bundle where Reaktor 6, Massive, and Monark are in it. This is the best price for these soft synths!

The better deal for me is the first bundle because you can get Reaktor 6, Monark and Massive for 70€.


First Impression

Thomann is making lots of good deals for its 70th birthday. Some even very good ones. And some funny surprises like the rebirth of the Waldorf Pulse 2 are also included. But be careful, please compare prices with other retailers, there are pretty sure “deals” that aren’t the best deals or just regular prices.

I wish you happy shopping. 

More information here: Thomann

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