Punk Labs OneTrick Keys, lo-fi piano meets physical modeling synthesis

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Punk Labs OneTrick Keys is a new sample-free lo-fi piano Synthesizer plugin that combines physical modeling synthesis with vintage-inspired effects.

Punk Labs has brought fresh air to the plugin world in the last two years. On the one hand, due to its different backgrounds. They originally come from the game dev business. So they have different experiences in how they approach developments than usual audio plugin developers

On the other hand, the plugins have new, fresh ideas. The first three were exciting drum machines with hybrid synthesis and sampling concepts. The new One-Trick Keys plugin takes a different route. It is a piano, but a special one.

Punk Labs OneTrick Keys

Punk Labs OneTrick Keys

OneTrick Keys is a new virtual piano instrument. However, it’s sample-free and not a classic piano instrument. At its core is a physical modeling engine with 16 voices of polyphony that recreates a “chill” lo-fi piano sound. So, it’s fine to describe it as a Synthesizer. 

According to Punk Labs, it uses a vintage algorithm developed at Stanford in 1995, “Commuted Piano Synthesis.” It gives you full control over the sound, including shaping options for the strings and body parts.

The signal of the raw physical modeling piano sound then runs through various built-in effects.

It starts with a reverb with amount, size, dampness, and highpass controls. Next, you have media that is a vinyl/tape noise/flutter processor. From here, it goes into a bit crusher FX called “sampler” with sample rate control. 

Finally, in the mix section, you can adjust the gain, pan your signal, and add saturation to your final piano sound. OneTrick Keys ships 25 factory presets, which are available in a preset browser with tags and editing options.

Like the other plugins, the source code is again available under the GPLv3 for anyone to inspect, adapt, and learn from.

First Impression

Unfortunately, no sound demo is available yet. Thus, I can’t give you a deeper first look. Plus, I haven’t had the chance/time to check it out yet. But at first glance, it looks interesting.

Punk Labs OneTrick Keys is available now for $79. It runs as a VST3 and AU plugin on macOS, Linux, and Windows. 

More information here: Punk Labs 

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