Kodamo MASK1 firmware 3.4, major update with more masks, second filter, and more

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Kodamo has released the MASK1 firmware 3.4, a free update that doubles the mask amount to 512, adds a second filter, and more.

The MASK1 from the young French company Kodamo is a very special, fascinating keyboard Synthesizer. It even ended up on my best experimental synth release 2023 list. That’s because it’s a multi-timbral digital Synthesizer with a very own concept.

Firstly, the novel mask synthesis which was previously not available in any other synth. A synthesis that must first be explored through experimentation. Also from the absolute synth experts in the world. On the other hand, because of the very minimal button-based interface, which takes you back to the early days of digital synths. But surprisingly easy to use in comparison.

Kodamo MASK1 firmware 3.4

Today there is a new firmware that nicely expands the engine. 

Kodamo MASK1 Firmware 3.4

The MASK1 Synthesizer has been on the market since Q1 2023. It started with 10 voice polyphony, but shortly after its release, the developers updated it to 12. Firmware 3.4 is the first major update since its official release. It looks like a first birthday gift from the developers.

One big news is the doubling of the number of available masks. This goes from 256 now to 512, including new unique and pulse-like timbres, enabling new sounds. The synth uses innovative mask synthesis, and masks are waveform snippets that are used to create the oscillator sound.

According to Kodamo, you can now edit both oscillators simultaneously, allowing you to work faster. They say: “press both buttons simultaneously. The first button pressed sets which value is used as reference for editing, exactly like how the multi-envelope editing already works”.

Second Filter

Then, the MASK1 features a second 12dB filter on each of its 12 voices. New parameters are available under the name EXTRA in the filter section. The second unlocks interesting new filter settings.  When you set the extra to 24dB, you can achieve a filter combo, forming a very characterful 24dB filter.

The filter offers the following modes: LP1-7 and HP1-7 that sets the second filter to fixed frequencies and modes independent from the first filter. This allows you to shape your deeper and more in detail. 

Also new is an added keyboard tracking parameter for the noise S&H generator. Firmware 3.4 also makes it easy to switch between the parts/layers using a new voice button and octave +/- combination.

MASK1 features unique delta envelopes. These also benefit from additional functionality in the new firmware. They come with a new loop parameter for each oscillator, making the mask’s delta envelopes loop indefinitely.

The LFO also received an update. It now fades in more progressively, in a more musical, way as you increase the delay parameter. Plus, it offers better visual feedback via flashing buttons that indicate activity. You can always disable this in the global settings. 

Further, Kodamo expanded the user memory from 600 instead of 400. So 200 more slots for custom sounds.  Besides this, there are new MIDI ccs for controlling the new parameters from external MIDI devices. And of course, there are improvements and bug fixes.

First Impression

I’m pleased to see that the development of the MASK1 Synthesizer continues. Mainly because it is a very unique synthesizer with its own sound and operating concept. 

The new Kodamo MASK1 firmware 3.4 update is available now as a free download. MASK1 is available now for 2290€. 

More information here: Kodamo 

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