Moog Mirror poly synth with 8 Matriarch voices, effects and presets, new picture! Moog teased a new hardware Synthesizer at the 2024 Super Bowl

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YouTuber Andrew Huang unveiled that Moog has teased a new hardware Synthesizer at the 2024 Super Bowl, here are the first pics.

Sound designer and YouTuber Jexus shared this picture on its Facebook page. It was cropped from the 2024 Super Bowl show broadcast. Since someone contacted me over Facebook, what the hell does the Moog Mirror have to do with the Super Bowl 2024?

This is your answer. That’s where the Mirror was spotted for the first time. In white because it should fit to the rest of the synth setup of the Super Bowl 2024. It normally a wood finish. 

Moog 2024 Super Bowl Mirror


Article From February 13, 2024

UPDATE: according to the latest info, the name will be Moog Mirror, will have 8 voices, and will be based on the Moog Matriarch architecture. Plus, presets and effects. 

After the inMusic takeover of Moog, the focus in recent months has been on software products. First, the new Marina bass synth plugin, and later, the Animoog Galaxy for Apple Vision Pro.

Some expressed dissatisfaction on social media and predicted Moog’s demise. They want hardware and no software. The good news:  Moog also makes new hardware. They secretly showed this last weekend at the 2024 Super Bowl event.

Moog Super Bowl 2024

Moog 2024 Super Bowl 

According to YouTuber star and influencer Andrew Huang, Moog teased a new Synthesizer at the 2024 Super Bowl event. One of the musicians is probably a beta tester and used the synth of the Usher halftime spectacle show.

In a new Facebook post, Andrew writes: 

Did you catch the mystery synth in Usher’s Super Bowl halftime show? Well…I’ve got it in my studio now. Thanks Moog Music for giving me some early play time with it. Excited to share more when it launches – I think people are gonna flip over this!

He also added some teaser pictures of the new Moog hardware Synthesizer.

Moog 2024 Super Bowl

New Hardware Synth But Poly? 

One thing is certain. The next Moog will not be software but a hardware synthesizer—the first under the direction of inMusic. Relatively little can be seen in the pictures. But you can observe that it will have five octaves, two oscillators, a mod oscillator, unison, chord function, a display… The red button could be a sequencer. a timbre A and B section also points to a bi-timbral instrument. 

If you look back at the last few Moog years, they were heavily influenced by monophonic or paraphonic synthesizers. The Moog One is the only modern Moog with polyphony. So it would make sense if Moog brought an affordable, modern polyphonic Synthesizer to the market. 

One that is not overloaded with features but is hands-on and fun to work with. With the power of inMusic, and new production options in Asia, that would be possible. The dimensions in the photo so far would fit a polyphonic synth. It could be a downsized Moog One for the wider public. The buttons are reminiscent of it. 

I’m excited to see the first Moog (inMusic) hardware Synthesizer. So stay tuned for the full news.

More information will follow here: Moog

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  1. This and the model d will be the made in US line, everything else overseas. Under $7k and the team that developed it were the ones recently laid off..

  2. I really believe this was the last synth they were developing BEFORE the takeover, the timeline would match up.

  3. It is not possible that the development began with the entry of InMusic, this product must take years of development; and it is surely one of the prototypes developed in recent years by independent Moog, by many of the current former Moog engineers, and the decision to launch it was made and the latest configurations defined with the intervention and financial support of InMusic. It will likely be assembled in Asheville, with components mostly imported from China, and labor and calibration in Asheville. The target, due to the size and features appreciated, is with a price and features no higher than the OBX8 and no lower than the Moog Matriarch.

    • Exactly the case. In development for years but moog was broke, then Inmusic swept in..they will be pushing the US made aspect hard to overshadow the rest of the line moving to Taiwan

      • Exact; as in the automotive manufacturing sector; America must produce the highest profit products like One, Matriarch; or this new product; and the rest of the catalog is produced in countries with lower labor costs. I just arrived from Honduras auditing an American electronics company with a factory there; and for labor in the USA the minimum wage is about $14; while in Honduras it is $3; and they can safely produce with the same quality; and tax exemption in the Free Zone or Maquila.

  4. I can confirm this was in production prior to the purchase. I’ve seen it in action and it played. it’s tight. I am very glad the new owners didn’t cancel the manufactoring of it.

    I realize this is a random comment under a fake name, but I had a good artist relationship with moog prior to the company changing hands. not sure if I have anything relationship with them any more, but just in case I do, I’m posting this anon.

  5. It will be prohibitively expensive.
    I refuse to pay a ridiculously huge premium for the Moog name.
    Bob’s dead, party over.

  6. It’s not a Moog, it’s a “Moog”. Once InMusic takes over, the brand becomes a soulless shell. See literally every other brand they own.

      • Is it though? I don’t feel the InMusic MPC has much to do with the original instrument that Roger Linn once created. Sure, it shares the name and the outer appearance, but apart from that they keep repackaging the same outdated vst-in-a-plastic-box for ages. It feels like an instrument made by the marketing department, not by musicians.

        • I am fortunate enough to own a studio full of fantastic instruments, and my MPC X is top five. IMO, the current MPC line is a winner and properly captures the spirit of the OG MPC.

          While, I have my concerns about Moog under inMusic, I have high hopes for this synth. As a Matriarch owner, I’d love a reasonably priced 8 voice poly based of it’s voice architecture.

        • Yes, it is.
          Your right that it doesn’t have “much to do with the original instrument that Roger Linn once created”. I’m actually quite glad about that. That MPC was released in 1988. Things have moved on a bit since then.
          The modern MPC range is a highly powerful bit of kit. It goes way beyond just sampling. It can even send CV to other gear.
          Yes, it is very much a DAW in a box and that’s not for everyone. Personally I prefer it to similar offerings from Electron, Roland etc. Simple things like editing sample start and end points or velocity curves is easy with the touch screen.

    • They’re all for-profit corporations, not people. Their goal is to make a few people very rich. Does it matter whether that person is Uli Behringer, Mike Adams or Jack O’Donnell?

  7. So, will this be the case of selling my Matriarch for an 8 voice poly Moog with presets or just add to my existing setup?

  8. First, Roland does Korg(new Gaia), then Yamaha does Teenage Engineering(Seqtrack). Now Moog does Roland. This is the Behringer Effect. Originality has left the synth industry!!!! 🤣 I predict it’ll be called the Moog Refinace Your Mortgage!!

  9. Correct, low risk cheap plastic. Low risk because it copies something else that has made money. Its good we have a few companies still innovating and free from private equity firms.

    • both look the same to me. That “saw-like” look to me like a thing that the image background remover forgot to cut out or transformed wrong. This happens often with tools like this.

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