microKORG 2, new colorful animated GUI is a collaboration between KORG and Blinksonic

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microKORG 2 is a big NAMM 2024 synth news, interestingly, the new colorful GUI is a collaboration between KORG and Blinksonic.

In recent years, Korg has increasingly worked with third-party developers. The Drumlogue contains code from Artemiy Pavlov, aka Sinevibes, Korg Gadget for Switch developed with SEGA and Taito, Stockholm Gadget with Propellerhead (now Reason Studios…), and more.

At NAMM 2024, Korg showcases the microKORG 2, the official successor to the legendary, best-selling microKORG. What is strikingly different in the successor is the color display, now featuring an all-new animated GUI. This was created from another collaboration. 

microKORG 2 Korg Blinksonic

microKORG 2 Korg Blinksonic

Not yet known on the announcement day, but it became now public that the new colorful GUI of the microKORG 2 is a collaboration between KORG and Sylvain Stoppani of Blinksonic.

This name should be familiar to some. Blinksonic is a well-known Reaktor ensemble developer who has recently released numerous exciting products. Each has very playful, creative UIs. For me, the most epic, crazy third-party commercial Reaktor ensembles out there. 

microKORG2 Korg Blinksonic

For example, Collidz is a powerful generative sequencer with a built-in Synthesizer engine, Cataliz is a playable granular synth and beat looper, Ruidoz is a beat maker station and sampler mangler, and more.

In addition to their many creative, experimental-flavored features, Blinksonic’s Reaktor ensembles are characterized by their ingenious GUIs. Yes, a big contrast to the usual Reaktor factor UIs with the design of synths from the early 2000s.

Korg also recognized his talent and took Sylvain Stoppani of Blinksonic onboard for the GUI of the microKORG2. The result of this collaboration is very different from what we know from GUIs in hardware. Very colorful, very toyish, fun, and fascinating.

microKORG 2 Korg Blinksonic

Blinksonic writes on its Facebook page:

Last week, as a preamble to the opening of the NAMM show 2024, KORG inc. announced the upcoming release of the successor to the microKORG.
This new version of this iconic synth is now equipped with a 2.8 inch color LCD display, and all the design & GUI of the synth is the result of a collaboration between KORG and BLINKSONIC°.
Since KORG hired me in 2022 for this challenge, after weeks of production, reflection and discussions, no less than 40 menu pages and around 300 animated icons have been created, in order to illustrate all the available parameters.
We tried to ensure that the user experience was fun, modern and practical. We also did our best to make the live performance and the edition with this new microKORG as playful and beautiful as possible.
And it is with great honor and pride that I share with you these few images taken from the prototype that is currently sitting in my studio.
A big thought to my colleagues Kyosuke, Masaki and Yuki, for their trust and support throughout the whole production process. It was an unforgettable experience !!
We put our heart into this project, and I hope that this new microKORG will bring joy and creativity to all its future owners.

YouTuber Loopop provides a first look into the new menus and features in its exclusive preview video. 

Korg microKORG 2 will be available soon for $699/599€ in three colors: gray, black, and white. 

More information here: KORG

Available at my partner for pre-order

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  1. Very nice user-interface. The only thing that came to mind is a visual differentiator whether you would be tweaking tibmre 1, 2 or both

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