Heavyocity Fury, new multi-algorithm distortion designer plugin

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Heavyocity Fury is a new stereo distortion designer plugin powered by a semi-modular engine with 29 algorithms, filtering, and modulation. 

Overdrive and distortion effects harmonize not only with guitars but also perfectly with electronic sounds like synthesizers or drum machines. You can inject a lot of life into a simple sound with distortion in a very short time.

In the plugin area, distortions are becoming more and more complex and versatile. that recently showed the Arturia Dist-Coldfire plugin release. Heavyocity, known for their sample libraries, is now pursuing a similar concept with their new Fury plugin.

Heavyocity Fury

Heavyocity Fury

Fury is a new distortion plugin with a flexible semi-modular style engine. The core consists of three sections: drive, distortion, and tone. Each section features various algorithms aka modules allowing you to design your own distortion effect.

For example, the drive mode includes boost, clean, and mellow… the distortion gives you fuzz mix, tube, big fuzz, tape, fold, and the tone mode has filters, resample, and more. According to Heavyocity, there are over 700 possible module combinations possible. In this way, you can design very subtle distortion up to very crazy effects that fit perfectly with your music.

Then, you can shape the entire character with additional parameters, including the stereo image, gate, input EQ, pre-/post distortion, and add more character using feedback. The cleanup is the last section where you can finalize the timbre of the effect.

Heavyocity Fury

Movement, Rhythmic Elements…

A sophisticated modulation engine should not be missing, with which you can set the distortion sounds in motion. Here, you can find a multi-wave LFO, an envelope follower, and a sequencer allowing you to add movement and rhythmic complexity to the distortion algorithms. The range of parameters that can be mapped with modulation is somewhat limited with only drive, tone, feedback, and output being available. More choices are desirable here.

Further, you get four macro controls (drive, movement, tone, mix) and dedicated input/output sliders. Fury comes with 128 professionally-designed presets in six categories.

At first glance, it looks like a new solid distortion plugin. But to be honest, it will be difficult on the market with plugins like the Arturia Dist-Coldfire, which can do a lot more and has a more attractive interface design. Nevertheless, an interesting distortion plugin release with a rich feature-set from Heavyocity.

Heavyocity Fury is available now for an introductory price of $99 USD (regular $119). Owners of Punish or Punish Lite can crossgrade for $79 USD. Fury runs as a VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS and Windows.

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