Synapse Audio Dune 3.6, new reverbs, MPE, better graphics, and more

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Synapse Audio has released Dune 3.6, a free update for its flagship Synthesizer plugin with new reverbs, full MPE support, better graphics, and more.

Dune, not the film, from German developer Synapse Audio is one of the most established synthesizers in the plugin market. Started as a classic VA synth with extra waves, the journey continued over the years with constant updates towards a true synth beast. With version 3, Dune 3 has become a multi-engine/synthesis synth plugin.

Dune 3 is particularly loved by musicians because of its lush, warm massive sound. With Update 3.6 you can now delve even deeper. Even into new expressive fields. 

Synapse Audio Dune 3.6

Synapse Audio Dune 3.6

Dune 3 is a powerful multi-engine Synthesizer featuring virtual analog, wavetable, and FM synthesis. The new update adds various new features 

When loading the update for the first time, users with HQ displays will be pleased. Dune 3.6 ships with UHD skins, giving you better GUI sharpness even on high-resolution 4K/5K skins. There are also some engine extensions.

First, you work with a new layer mixer in the voices section. With this, you can precisely set the amount of a layer that should be in the final sound.

Then, Synapse Audio expanded the reverb section of Dune 3 with three additional vintage reverb modes based on a timeless vintage reverb from the 1970s. Room gives you small spaces and short reverbs with 2 secs. Small hall is great for smooth and bright large spaces, while large hall gives you large, dark, and grainy spaces.

Also new is an additional reverse delay that creates a reversed delay, then produces echoes of the reversed digital. A great effect for creating complex, atmospheric sounds. Plus, there is a second type for the bell-shaped EQ, featuring now a slightly softer shape.

Dune 3 also supports in version 3.6 full MPE (MIDI polyphonic expression). Connect your MPE controller and dive deep into new expressive Dune sounds. I’m pretty sure soundtrack composers will be very happy about this new functionality.

Another great addition is the ability to drag and drop WAV files on the wavetable oscillator display. Other new features are MTS-ESP micro tuning support and copy/paste arp function. 

First Impression

An excellent update for the Dune 3 synth plugin. Even if it doesn’t look like much at first glance, the new features are useful extensions. The reverb and reverse delay are no-brainer sound design gifts. I like a lot that Dune 3 now supports MPE, opening new expressive worlds. 

Synapse Audio Dune 3.6 is a free download for existing customers. Dune 3.6 runs as a 64-bit only VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (native Apple Silicon + Intel) and Windows. The 32-bit version is officially discontinued with the release of 3.6 

More information here: Synapse Audio

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  1. Dune 2 was always a favorite of mine, had some pretty good sound design possibilities hard to replicate with hardware synths. To my ears it was on-par with my Prophet 6, but ended up switching to the open sourced Surge XT, just for MPE support. Looks like I might finally upgrade to Dune 3!

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