Gamechanger Audio Plasma Voice, is this the weirdest synth voice for Eurorack?

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Gamechanger Audio Plasma Voice is a new experimental hybrid synth voice for Eurorack that could be the weirdest ever made. 

Classic analog, FM, wavetable, granular… the world of synthesizers is colorful. There is the right synth for every synthesis desire. Hybrid or multi-engine synths make it even easier and give you many in one device.

If these concepts are already too mainstream for you, there are always developers diving into new areas. For example, the Latvian company Gamechanger Audio with its fascinating MOTOR Synth or plasma effects. The developers have turned the latter into a super bizarre synth voice. 

Gamechanger Audio Plasma Voice

Gamechanger Audio Plasma Voice

Plasma Voice is a new unique, experimental synth voice for Eurorack. The module relies on the company’s novel plasma concept initially introduced with its distortion effect lineup. Later, it was also implemented in an Erica Synths collaborated module. 

Yes, like the effects, it hosts a freaking tube inside the front panel that lights up, and for the first time, you don’t need an extra sound source for it, says Gamechanger Audio. In fact, it’s an independent synth sound source and not a pure effect from hell. 

The core generates sounds by manipulating high-voltage electrical discharges between two electrodes on a specially designed xenon-filled gas tube. These discharges are converted to analog audio using a specialized rectifier circuit.

Gamechanger Audio Plasma Voice

Then, Plasma Voice hosts a proprietary ultrasound pulse-width oscillator that drives the electric discharges and is modulated by predefined samples and envelope shapes. There are 49 sounds/samples across seven timbre banks: bass, lead, pluck, drum, metal, static, and spark. 

These engines are fully customizable with various parameters, including tube driver pulse width and frequency modulation, sample pitch modulation, envelope time stretch, wavefold, crossmod, and suboctave modulation. Plus, you can shape it with a filter + envelope, shape the harmonic content, and more.

The Plasma Voice also harbors an analog section with a soft clipping drive, EQ, a state-variable filter, and a VCA.


The inputs and outputs are intriguing as well. Besides classic 1v/oct input, it features a trigger and accent input joined by dedicated modes (reverse, burst…). Resulting in Plasma Voice is not just a 1v/oct synth voice but also a wild drum voice.

Further, it features seven CV inputs, one for each slider and one assignable multi-CV input. Sound goes out on the main out. There is also a TRS MIDI input with a channel select function, allowing you to play it via a MIDI controller.


First Impression

If you take the structure of the module apart you can see some light in the tunnel of this crazy idea. I think it’s a digital oscillator with shapable samples that are then pulled through the plasma and end in an analog processing section (filter, drive…). 

The idea is awesome weird, fresh, and different. Finally a 100% new idea for an oscillator module. It’s noisy, industrial, and experimental. Definitely, an aggressive touch. With lots of fizz and fuzz. As if you had a playable oscillator in which constant short circuits happen. One of the weirdest oscillators I’ve seen so far. And it’s not even from Error Instruments.

The first Gamechanger Audio Plasma Voice batch of 100 units is now available for pre-order for 412€ + VAT. If you order now, you should expert delivery in November. 

More information here: Gamechanger Audio 

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