Doepfer A-111-5 Mini Synthesizer Voice Is Making A Comeback

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Doepfer ‘s best-selling & beloved A-111-5 Mini Synthesizer Voice aka Dark Energy modular version is making its comeback with the same feature set & format. 

The modular world cannot be so easy, especially for beginners. A synth voice that has all the essential functions (VCO, VCF…) in one module can always be a good starting point. The Doepfer A-111-5 Mini Synthesizer voice, the modular version of the Dark Energy, is among the most popular to this day. Sad but true, the module was discontinued some time ago because CEM3394 chips were no longer available. In the meantime, Doepfer has released the A-111-6, slimmed-down version with fewer features and another chip.

As Doepfer has now officially announced, the popular A-111-5 module is making a comeback. This is thanks to new clones of the CEM3394 chip made by the Latvian manufacturer JSC ALFA. The features and design of the module are identical to the original version. What is new, however, is a vintage version in black.

Dopefer A-111-5 Mini Synthesizer Voice


Doepfer A-111-5 Mini Synthesizer module aka Dark Energy modular features a complete, analog synth voice consisting of a VCO, VCF, VCA, ADSR envelope, and two LFOs. Everything starts with the VCO that offers the waveforms triangle, square and sawtooth that can be modulated with the LFO1, the envelope, or by CV. Pulse width modulation is also available and controllable via the LFO2, envelope, or CV. Also onboard is again the 24dB lowpass filter with resonance that offers two selectable intensities (track switch), and exponential & linear frequency modulation (FM).

On the modulation side, you get an ADSR envelope with three selectable speeds and two LFOs, each equipped with one knob & two switches, one for the range (low, mid, hi) and another for the waveform shape. The A-111-5 Mini Synthesizer offers inputs for VCO F (frequency), VCO PW (pulse width), VCF F (frequency), VCA A (amp), ADSR Gate, and external input. With the latter, you can route external signals into the module that will be mixed with the signal from the internal VCO. The module outputs audio, LFO1, and ADSR signal.

I am very pleased to see the A-115-1 come back on the market. It is a lovely-sounding module that is versatile and great to enter the modular world. In addition, you get many functions in one module for little money. We don’t know at the moment whether it sounds exactly like the original. Sound demos have to show that.

Doepfer A-111-5 will be available in a standard (silver) and vintage edition (black) in early autumn 2020. It will cost 300€ (standard) and 350€ (vintage edition).

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