AVAL GrainyDay, real-time M4L granulizer effect with random grain sizes

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AVAL GrainyDay is a new, unique, real-time M4L granulizer effect processor using random grain sizes and adjustable delay times.

Max for Live is an exciting platform with many interesting synths, effects, MIDI generators, etc. from third-party providers. For several years now, M4L has been fully embedded in Ableton Live, making devices run even smoother and more efficiently. Some already work in Ableton Push 3 Standalone.

An exciting new device comes from AVAL. I can already say that much. GrainyDay ticks all the boxes for me. Of course, it’s a granular processor, one of my favorite forms of synthesis. Simple but with a special feature set. 

AVAL GrainyDay

AVAL GrainyDay

GrainyDay is a new real-time granulizer effect processor for Ableton Max For Live. The concept of this tiny but fascinating granular processor relies on a mixture of random grain sizes and adjustable delay times. 

The grain process is adjustable but not super deep.  It offers the option to change the sync mode of the individual grains. Either to sync to Ableton’s BPM or in free mode. There is also a knob to dial in the speed: slow random grains or full-speed, like on a crazy forest.

Hidden behind a second page, you can also modify the grain envelopes. You can seamlessly switch between impulsive and smooth grains to achieve different flavored results. You can set if they are aligned in phase with each other or not. Plus, you get the freedom to draw new shapes.

The delay time can also be set to random, free sync, or BPM sync. For more experimental results, you can also work with the much knob that increases the delay time and its randomness factor. 

A wild addition is the four built-in pitch shifters with dedicated pitch control. With the send knob, you can precisely adjust the amount that goes through the effect. Great for creating dense textures with different layers.

Further, you get a reverberation module adjustable via two macros: decay, and dry/wet. 

First Impression

A nice, affordable granular processor for M4L. The randomized grain settings in particular are a lot of fun and create instant soundscapes and textures.

AVAL GrainyDay is available now for 20€ from the Isotonik Studios webshop. It requires Ableton Live 11+ Suite or Ableton Live 11+ Standard and a license of Max For Live. 

More information here: Isotonik Studios

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