NoisyFruitsLab 2FO V3, new dual LFO module with 16 waveforms

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NoisyFruitsLab 2FO V3 is a new dual digital LFO module for Eurorack with 16 selectable waveforms, a six-range multiplier, and more.

To bring movement into sounds, you work with modulators in synthesizers. This also applies to modular synths. The simplest and most beginner-friendly modulators are LFOs. They are a dime a dozen on the market.

But that doesn’t mean that developers won’t publish any more LFOs. Today there is a new one from the German developer NoisyFruitsLab.

NoisyFruitsLab 2FO V3

NoisyFruitsLab 2FO V3

2FO V3 is a new dual, digital multi-wave LFO for Eurorack. It has 16 different selectable waveforms, sorted into two sets. The original wave set gives ramp up, ramp down, pulse, tri, sine, sweep, lumps, and random levels.

The alternative set offers ramp + oct, quad ramp, quad pulse, tri step, sine + oct, sine + 3rd, sine + 4th, and random slopes. Both LFOs have a range between 0.025Hz – 50Hz. It uses two TAPLFO-ICs from electric-druid with output filtering for smooth & charming sweeps. You can clock it or use the built-in tap functionality on each side.

New in version 3 is a 6-range multiplier and a switch for the alternative waveform set. Connection side, it has two outputs for the LFO signals, and CV-ins for sync, speed, and waveform on each side. They accept -5 / +5V while the dedicated pots act as offset.

A cool goodie is a banana-shaped LED that gives you visual feedback and the depth pot is a proper attenuator without offset shifts, says NoisyFruitsLab

First Impression

A nice new dual LFO with a good feature set and an easy-to-use front panel.

NoisyFruitsLab 2FO V3 is available soon for 160€.

More information here: NoisyFruitsLab

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