Is this the Behringer full-size clone of the Sequential Prophet VS?

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In the latest Behringer Pro VS Mini video, you can see a 5-octave vector Synthesizer, is this the full-size clone/replica of the Sequential Prophet VS?

Sorry for the third Behringer news this Tuesday. The Pro VS Mini Synthesizer was officially launched yesterday and can be pre-ordered now from retailers for 99€.

At the same time, Behringer has released a new demo video about the Pro VS Mini. I noticed something in this video.

Behringer Prophet VS

Behringer Prophet VS Clone?

In the first few seconds of the video, Patrick von Behringer holds a 5-octave vector Synthesizer in the camera, which he shrinks into the Pro VS Mini a moment later. At first, I thought it was the original Sequential Prophet VS from 1986.

But if you compare the synth from the video with the original Prophet VS, you can see they are two different synths with different designs. They look similar but have a very different layout. Plus it bears the name “Vector Synthesizer”.

Behringer Prophet VS Clone

So you can ask yourself if this is the full-size clone/replica of the Sequential Prophet VS. Especially, because Behringer is currently working on many vintage Synthesizer replica projects, this is very probably one of them. And it could be that they want to give people a teaser of the full engine with the Pro VS Mini.

Behringer has not yet previewed or introduced a full-size version at the time of writing. So this may be a leak or preview they are working on.

The small Pro VS Mini is available now for pre-order for $99/99€.

More information here: Behringer

Pro VS Mini is available for pre-order at my partner 


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  1. Good catch. Aside from a potential tease, maybe it was an original prototype they scrapped in favor of the “soul/spirit/mini” variation? If it is a teaser, hopefully the add modulation to the waveform mix. Bummed that isn’t a major feature on the Pro-VS mini. Using the Erica Synths Black Joystick 2 I’ve become accustomed to easy wavetable modulation with the CV loop feature but I’ve yet to see ANY demonstration of the VS joystick. Definitely doesn’t seem like a modifiable feature unless it is a CC# option.

  2. the case enclosure dimensions are of the correct ratio for one of there 5 octave tier models. so far, we have a 3, 4 and 5 octave tier with identical case dimensions for each tier. this one fits that criteria. one problem though is that the mod wheels are not standard behringer mod wheels. these are thinner with no discernible knurling.

    it is an important synth as evidenced by embodied two products already. they may really do one later as customer enthusiasm for the previous two products mounts.

    current 5 octave tier synths in development are: UB-X, UB-Xa, DS-80, PolyKobol, Pro-15. does the VS rate 5 octaves? we decide! if we want it bad enough they’ll do it.

  3. He’s not holding anything, it’s a lazy 3d render. The buttons are copy-pasted from a picture of the original.

    Behringer has no problem announcing things, this isn’t one of the many things they’ve even floated.

    • That’s what I thought as well. When you look at his hands it defenitly looks like it’s part of the image put in the video and not his real hands.
      I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think so…

    • It’s pretty impressive how confident you are while also being completely incorrect.

      A dead give away are the fingerprint on the synth – he’s holding something, maybe it’s a prototype, maybe it’s a tease… But it’s a physical item.

  4. i think they would have knobs for filter res.cut off so maybe it’s not the actual Behringer clone shown here.

    • yeah, I’m hot for polykobol too. got a pre-order in on monokobol already. and that expander, yum! i love the CV envelope timing. great for keytracking some dynamics, you can do a lot with this voicing percussives – my speciality.

      wrt to image quality – that’s not the point – it’s an invitation to discuss and consider a full size fell of a Pro VS in a 5 octave package, or a more cost effective 4 octave (my choice to go with the forth coming Wave).

  5. Sorry, but this is absolutely nothing but a quick and poorly executed copy/paste photoshop job (They even included the cartridge bay and the display 😂) Nothing to get hung up about, move on Synth Anatomy 😁

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