AMSynths AM8102 and AM8003, the Roland SH-2 and SH-3 filters for Eurorack

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AMSynths AM8102 and AM8003 bring the characterful analog filters of the Roland SH-2 and SH-3 synthesizers to Eurorack.

Roland synthesizers are among the most cloned/reproduced synthesizers—no matter in hardware, software, in whole, or as a Eurorack module. Developers love to revive the Japanese classics.

AMSynths, a boutique developer from the UK, has now released two more Roland-based modules. The new AM8102 and AM8003 modules are filter clones/replicas of two well-known Roland monophonic synths.

AMSynths AM8102

AMSynths AM8102 Press Release

This module is a faithful replica of the filter from the legendary Roland SH-2 that was released in 1979. The AM81012 is a fantastic sounding 4-pole low pass filter with that unmistakable Roland filter sound in a narrow skiff-friendly, Eurorack module.

It uses an Alfa Rpar AS622 chips in the filter core (BA662 clones) and high quality polpropylene filter capacitors. The design includes buffering Op Amps to interface to Eurorack modular levels. The filter does not have Q compensation, but the signal level does not decrease dramatically with higher Q settings. The resonance is smooth and controllable into self-oscillation, and the filter will oscillate from 20Hz to 20kHz.

On the control side, you get input potentiometers for the input mix and resonance. Cutoff frequency, kybd, mod, and envelope are available on sliders. There are two audio inputs, 3 frequency CV inputs, and a single audio output.

AMSynths AM8003

AMSynths AM8003 Press Release

The AM8003 is a replica of the 5-pole diode filter in the Roland SH-3 mono synthesizer. The original filter is very similar to the EMS VCS3, and it has the same buubly quality. The module uses the same mylar film capacitors as the Roland original and delivers an authentic tone.

It has four sliders with subtle green LED lighting for adjusting Cutoff Frequency, LFO Modulation, ENV modulation and Q CV response. There are rotary controls for adjusting the Input Mix and Resonance, with a slide switch to invert the CV signal patched into the ENV input.

The module is designed to work with audio signals up to 10V p-t-p and CV signals from 0 to 10V.

First Impression

There are currently no sound demos for the two modules. The sound quality of his other modules was also at a very solid level, so I’m assuming these are too. Nice that you can now use both filters in the Eurorack world.

AMSynths AM8102 for £150 and AM8003 for £135 are available now from the official webshop. The modules are often sold out because they are only produced in small numbers. But a new batch is coming soon.

More information here: AMSynths 

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