SynthieCat by Max for Cats is an EMS Synthi A inspired Synthesizer for Ableton M4L

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SynthieCAT, Max for Cats latest Max For Live release, is a Synthesizer inspired by the legendary EMS Synthi A from 1971. 

The EMS Synthi A model is a legendary vintage Synthesizer. Bands like Pink Floyd (On The Run), Jean Michel Jarre, and many more have made the instrument popular. It fascinates and inspires musicians to this day. Mainly because of its sound and its pin matrix routing system.

The developers of Max for Cats today released a new Synthesizer for Max For Live that brings this matrix workflow to Ableton Live.

Synthie Cat


Max for Cats took a lot of inspiration from the legendary EMS Synthi A. You can see that from the name of the instrument. SynthieCat is a new Synthesizer powered by a 16×16 matrix allowing you to connect signals and modulations like on the original hardware.

It consists of three oscillators (sine/saw) with an extensive frequency range, say the MfC developers. You can use them as classic oscillators or go in the low frequency and use them as LFOs. Each of the three oscillators’ frequency can follow incoming MIDI notes simply by clicking the Toggle (keyboard icon) on the left.

Then, you find a ring modulator, a noise generator, a lowpass filter, and a unique trapezoid envelope shaper. The latter can be triggered with a MIDI note. There is also a built-in reverb. Of course, you can also process external signals in the SynthieCat. So it’s a super versatile sound generator and processor.


The most important point of the EMS Synthi was the fascinating pin matrix which is also included in the SynthCat. Plus, you will find a built-in MIDI sequencer with variable speed control. You can record a note pattern to then play it back continuously. Like on the original suitcase version.

Furthermore, it has a 32-note keyboard, a patchable XY pad, yes, a must-have, and an option to side chain to other tracks in the Live Set. The Live pack ships with the Max for Live MIDI instrument and 23 ready-to-use presets.

A nice idea to publish a VCS3 style Synthesizer as Max For Live device. It is very well-priced, and I’m pretty sure it will make a lot of fun discovering super wild sounds as we all love from the original hardware.

Max For Cats SynthieCat is available now for an early “cat” price of 19,99€ until February 22nd, 2023. The regular price will be 29,99€. It requires an Ableton Live Suite or Live + Max For Live license.

More information here: Max For Cats

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