Leak: Akai MPC XL with 4GB, MPC One Mk2, Soft 3.0, and more

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LEAK: Akai is working on the release of the new Akai MPC XL with 4GB RAM, a new MPC One, a 3.0 software update, and more

Before musical instruments or general electronic devices can be put on the market, they must undergo tests that ensure the product’s safety. In these external tests, there are now and then unwanted leaks. Such a thing has now happened to a new Akai product.

If we believe the leak, Akai Pro is working on a new flagship MPC, more precisely, an MPC XL. It will probably replace the MPC X.



Images of the possible new Akai MPC XL have appeared in a PDF document under the codename ACV5S. It is noticeable that the device comes in a retro design and not in classic black.

The layout is almost identical to that of the MPC X. Even the control elements are laid out the same way. It has 16 backlit MPC pads, 16 Q-link controls, each with an OLED blacklight, and an OLED audio-level display again. It also has a multi-touch display.

This topic is already being hotly debated in the MPC forum, and it has been discovered that the built-in display has a better mount.

Leak Akai MPC XL

Also, the connection have all remained the same: 2 MIDI inputs and 4x MIDI outputs in standard size, two combo inputs (XLR), 8x 6,3mm jack audio output, 2 front-panel 6.3mm headphone outputs, 8x 3.5mm jack cv/gate outputs, and more.

More RAM

However, the pictures show it has a new Ethernet port that the MPC X does not have. According to the leak, the device should also have 4GB of RAM instead of 2GB and thus the same as the MPC Key 61.

Since the keyboard has the same processor as the previous MPCs, I don’t think there will be an upgrade here, either. I can well imagine a similar memory upgrade that we saw in the MPC Key 61. Away from 16GB to 32 GB.

Leak Akai MPC X

Internally, it will host very probably the same MPC software. However, Akai may have come up with something super exclusive new feature that you will only get on this device as it is with the Key 61. More built-in plugins, more sounds, samples?

This information is also downloadable in a PDF.  A release would make sense. If you look at the Thomann site, the MPC X is sold out and will be available again in several months. This could indicate that this is just a placeholder for the MPC XL.

More New MPCs?!

Furthermore, an MPC hacker group discovered a compatibility list in one of the latest firmware, which contains information about other new MPCs that are to appear in the future. You can find the code avca2, which indicates a new MPC One Mk2 because the code avca is assigned to the current MPC One.

These can be found in a compatibility list and you can validate them via the American testing authority FCC. In a second document, it says that the new MPC One Mk2 (avca2) features WiFi and Bluetooth.


YouTuber kowalski: Pad Pusher also learned from third-party developers that Akai Pro is also working on a  black and white MPC Live Mini. Exciting this will probably not work with the MPC software. This leak is a bit vague and harder to verify because the YouTuber doesn’t provide evidence.

And finally, there was a short leak of an MPC Software 3 in the inMusic Shop.

MPC Software 3


There’s a lot of hot cooking going on behind the scenes at Akai Pro right now. I am curious about when we will see the devices in real life. A good opportunity is either the NAMM23 in April or the Superbooth23 in May in Berlin.

More information here: Akai Pro 

PDF Source



  1. And none of it will be ready for market when it’s released, it will all still be in beta format like everything they’ve released recently.

    • Name one hardware environment like this that *doesnt* have launch bugs AND that gets updated as frequently as the Mpc family. People have been successfully making music with these for almost 8 years so this is such a fake whiny baby comment.

      • Why insult someone when you can simply disagree with them ?

        I regularly come across show stopper bugs that require a reboot of the MPC. Try using midi learn in midi control mode. Yesterday i discovered the tuner does not show the note when having a totally perfect pitch.

        The MPC is a great machine but the bugs are certainly there. I submit a bug report almost every month for something that doesn’t work.

        You can make great music with it (i don’t have such talent however).

        I love mine even if it has bugs.

  2. I don’t see the touch strip controller that is on the latest two pieces of moc hardware: the studio and the keys. Would they abandon it, or is this fake?
    I’d love to see mpc software support VST3, so I can use the presets for my vst3 plugins.

  3. This post is mimicking a lot of the assumptions people are making. The FCC files say nothing about the internal memory or CPU. We don’t know anything about the software.. Yeah there has been a leak but don’t forget to mention that the FCC files are from 2020 so the whole thing might have been canceled Al together..

    • I would :))). Since it will come with Retro color, I would without hesitation. I have One, Live II and now waiting for XL in RETRO!!!. Problem? xd

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