Befaco ChikiPower, a USB-C Eurorack power supply for your DIY bench

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Befaco ChikiPower is a new neat standalone DIY USB-C Eurorack power supply with up to 400mA per rail for your DIY bench.

The DIY community is an important part of the Eurorack world. In addition to the possibility of exploring even a wider module range, it enables many musicians to get into the Eurorack world more affordably by soldering their modules themselves.

This includes crafting a custom case and soldering your own power supply, the heart of every Eurorack system. Today, Befaco presented an intruiging power supply that is especially perfect for your workbench.

Befaco ChikiPower

Befaco ChikiPower

ChikiPower is a neat USB-C standalone Eurorack power supply designed for your DIY bench. It has three power sockets and can provide up to 400mA per rail with a standard 20W USB charger. That’s not a lot, but it’s not a little for the portable form factor. Perfect for testing modules or powering a mini setup.

Like big chunky Eurorack power supplies, it also comes with over-voltage and short-circuits protection keeping your devices safe.

Befaco ChikiPower

A great idea that Befaco came up here. ChikiPower is particularly exciting for anyone who solders modules themselves. So you can upgrade your DIY bench with a power system to quickly plug/unplug modules to quickly test them. It is just as good as a power supply for a mini system.

Befaco ChikiPower is available now as a DIY kit for 90€. It ships with all the components as well as a high-quality USB-C cable.

More information here: Befaco 

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